Primum non nocere...First Do No Harm ~ Hippocrates 

Hi and welcome. My name is Maria, Master Reflexologist & AZ Reflexology Association member in good standing. I hope you will enjoy the content of my website, and perhaps learn more about Reflexology which has been around for a very long time as a healing art of ancient origin. The Chinese & Egyptians practiced it widely several thousand of years ago as did the Inca as mentioned in some history books. From Egypt, the practice might have arrived into Europe through the many conquests of the Roman Empire, and then from there it spread pretty quickly as the Europeans practice reflexology from Russia to England even today. By early 1900s reflexology came to US & has been used as a complimentary treatment to alleviate various degrees of  pain and discomfort, help prevent & treat illnesses & various conditions, among other things & it works great!~~~

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a gentle, non invasive & non intrusive complementary therapy that is based on the theory that different points on the feet, hands, ears & other parts of the human body correspond with all major body organs, but mainly the central nervous system/CNS.

When our body is out of balance due to stress, illness, injury or disease certain energy pathways are blocked, preventing the body from functioning properly. A well trained & experienced reflexology practitioner can detect tiny crystalized deposits as well as body's imbalances on the feet during a session & by applying a gentle pressure to certain corresponding reflexes, the energy blockages can be released.

The main objective of Reflexology treatment is to bring the ailing or hurting body into a state of homeostasis or a perfect state of relaxation and balance in order to stimulate the nerves, promote blood flow allowing the body to work more efficiently & effectively, and thereby, assisting the body in its own healing.   

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What does Reflexology promote?

Stress Relief                              Pain Relief 

                             Promotes Homeostasis                                             Reduced Physical Tension                               

                 Increases Energy Levels                                                             Improves Overall Physical Condition

              Maintains Health                                                                                            Improves Sense Of Well Being

       People of all ages can benefit from Reflexology treatments. Of specific value are stress reduction & management, treatments of various pain, as well as digestive & respiratory problems. Stress & tension are responsible for the lowering of the immune system's proper response & functionality.

Reflexology can address many conditions such as:

 Stress, Nervous tension, Anxiety, Fatigue, Insomnia, Fibromyalgia, muscular aches & pain, back pain, sciatica & other chronic pain, headaches, migraines, sinusitis, asthma, colds, allergies, lowered immune system function, poor blood circulation, Edema/fluid retention, Vertigo/ Meniere's disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's & Alzheimer's Diseases, Epilepsy, Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis, Frozen Shoulder & other shoulder & neck/cervical pain, Carpal Tunnel, Infertility & Pregnancy discomfort, TMJ syndrome, peripheral/diabetic neuropathy, vehicular & sports injuries, Cancers and many others by providing relief and better quality of life.

                                                                       My personal experiences in practicing Reflexology

My professional objective in using Reflexology techniques is to bring each client/patient into a state of homeostasis or perfect balance  of body, mind and spirit during which the body is assisted by me in its own healing processes. Over the several years working as a Master Reflexologist Practitioner I have been greatly blessed to service numerous patients as well as clients with some pretty amazing successes. These include three hospitalized comatose patients who were returned back to consciousness.  Other cases include those suffering with MS/Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's & other neurological diseases/conditions, car accidents that resulted in multiple traumas & others. Subsequently, they regained better quality of life in their day to day functioning that include personal self care & return of some walking abilities. In some of these cases the patients and family were told that there is nothing that can further be done to improve their condition. Additionally, among some other illnesses/conditions I've treated are: trigeminal neuralgia, TMJ or Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome, peripheral & diabetic neuropathy, management of chronic pain, pulmonary problems, vasculitis,  liver dysfunction, Scleroderma,  Hypertension or high blood pressure, as well as cervical/neck & shoulder, thoracic and lumbar/low back & hip pain, Vertigo & Meniere's disease,  sexual dysfunction such as  ED/impotence, premature ejaculation or deficiencies thereof, etc. 

When our body is out of balance  due to stress, illness, injury, disease or otherwise, affected even by the outside environment, certain energy pathways are blocked, preventing the human body from functioning effectively. A well trained & experienced Reflexologist can detect even tiny crystalized deposits in various parts of the body, as well as imbalances right on the feet, and by applying gentle pressure (never deep or hard kind as is normally done during any massage therapy which would be counterproductive in a Reflexology treatment) to certain corresponding reflexes, energy blockages can be released & pain eradicated.  

People of all ages  can benefit from Reflexology treatments from babies to adults, no matter how sick, provided they will disclose the nature of their ailment & obtain their physician's scripted permission to receive an all natural Reflexology complementary treatment which will benefit them greatly. Of specific value are stress reduction & management which is  one of the major causes of most illnesses, treatment of neurological & muscular pain, as well as respiratory,  digestive,  excretory problems, dizziness, and others . Stress & tension are responsible for the lowering of the immune system's efficient functioning, thereby, resulting in various illnesses. 

All sessions by appointment only.  Gift Certificates available for any occasion.  Military, Police, Firefighters & their immediate family membersreceive special discount at each session with a proper ID.




What our customers are saying

"God gave you an incredible gift to help suffering people. Please, promise me you will get certified and do this for others like you did it for me. Getting someone out of a coma is no small matter!"  - Janey Z.

I am writing this for my wife Ellie who was hospitalized on Feb 4, 2013 to April 13th in a coma for 3 weeks then transferred to a rehab facility. We met Maria... at this time coming from NY city to help her sister, also in ICU with lung cancer. Maria worked day and night helping her sister and coming in daily, sometimes twice a day to work with Ellie. Doing the Reflexology treatments... She did this treatment day & night never mentioning any payment. The nurses and doctors were amazed at the improvement in Ellie's ability to move hands, feet and arms after the long time on a paralytic drug. Its been a long road to health, but the doctors gave her no hope at one time. Maria was a very positive influence on Ellie's ability to walk and once again [be] mobile.  We know that God is our healer but people like Maria are a valuable tool in the healing progress. Since Ellie's discharge, Maria has opened her residence to help Ellie and others first twice a week now after a year once a week [for] maintenance treatment. Maria keeps records of her improvement, makes many recommendations on healing foods and teas. The treatment take up to an hour but the improvement is phenomenal. Maria is very well read and educated in so many aspects of the nerves and muscles. I count it a real privilege to know a super person like Maria. I pray that some good will come her way for all she has done for so many. Sincerely, Dan T. (husband)

"Maria...treated my mother P... [using] reflexology to relieve back pain, proximal muscle weakness, and COPD. It was a tremendous help!  Thank you, S. F. RN DCM

"Dear Maria. Your fingers working on feet with Reflexology is working wonders on my body. My feet, legs up to my calves [were] numb & tingless, but since you have put your knowledge and magic to work on them I have started to get feeling back in my big toes. It feels wonderful. Thank you for sharing this special gift you have with me." - J. S.

"Came in with a migraine and a nausea...left without ANY headache, pain, no nausea & fully energized. Felt like I could wash walls!! Felt great rest of day - no migraine, fell asleep & STAYED asleep till 5:30.

While Maria was working on feet - I had a surge of energy go up my back & through my arms to my wrists. WOW! It felt like a big power surge - not painful, but big, strong & thick...It happened twice. She also worked on my trigger points on my neck. I can't believe how many were in pain. Also, any spot she works on regarding my shoulders, she finds lots of tenderness there as well. I sometimes feel my shoulders slip out of place...I was amazed at how many sore spots I had by my shoulder blades.

Improvements that have been noticed include - less ringing of the ears, duration is less frequent almost to the point of forgetting. Also, I'm experiencing less burning sensation along my right thigh...reduced for long stretches of the day. Yay!!!...Thank goodness Maria has been able to calm the trigger pints all along those areas...Well, hopefully there will be more improvements to come!" - G. W.     

"Great things come to those who really go for it! Congrats on your achievements. Appreciate all you have done." "We are so proud to know you. You are a wonderful person. Good luck." - P & M

"Dear Maria. I have found that with your magic hands through Reflexology has brought back feeling in my feet. It is little by little but it is happening. Thank you for making this happen." Forever a fan." - J. S.

"Dear Maria. Thanks a bunch for all you do! I want to thank you for all the wonderful treatments! You will be an asset to who ever is lucky enough to have you work for [on] them. It was so nice to meet you & get to know you. May God bless you always. You are in our prayers - happiness & good job! Thank you." P.G.

"Thanks so much Maria for continued support in helping...& doing anything you can to help in recovery. We really appreciate it a lot." - R. D.

"A Special Note Of Thanks - Maria...straight from the heart. Thank you so much. Your reflexology worked wonders on both my feet. You are a miracle worker. Thank you very much." - Paul

Maria at Catalina Foothills Reflexology, LLC


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